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SKA is on its way, and it’s big!

SKA Telescope tile

“(We were) searching for the best sites in the world for the SKA. A key characteristic is radio quietness, we’ve got to get away from people because everything we live with in the modern world just generates radio interference.”

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Write about People – especially in B2B

Stoneybatter business

I was asked by a large commercial publisher in Dublin to write a few articles for a magazine targeted at the local business community.

With the capitalists of the capital in mind as the target audience, I had to come up with something that was based on commerce in my local area. I wore out some shoe leather by going from door to door to get the hip cats of local business into the piece but also, through informants on certain social media services, I uncovered one particular gem. In the local traditional Italian-style fish & chips shop a young immigrant has been developing his own line of gourmet gelato – hand crafted from only the finest ingredients. Continue reading