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SKA is on its way, and it’s big!

SKA Telescope tile

“(We were) searching for the best sites in the world for the SKA. A key characteristic is radio quietness, we’ve got to get away from people because everything we live with in the modern world just generates radio interference.”

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10 Gadgets that will save you money


Gadget culture means people are obsessed with their mobiles and entertainment devices. But gadgets are not just a good way to spend your money, they can help save it too. From 2009, The Irish Times.

Title: 10 Gadgets That Could Save You Money

 1. Save on home heating with The Oxyvent Tank

An Irish invention that’s hot right now, the Oxyvent Tank improves the efficiency of your central heating by eliminating air-locks.

Recent scientific studies by Trinity College Dublin indicate that the Oxyvent Tank can provide 30%-50% energy savings in home heating.

That’s a cosy EUR240 or more siphoned off of a typical EUR800 fill of home heating oil.

TV super-saver Eddie Hobbs and eco-architect Duncan Stewart are long-time advocates, even though Oxyvent will not come under the new Sustainable Energy Ireland-run “insulation scheme”.

The Oxyvent Tank costs EUR900, plus installation (1 day). Available direct from

2. Free TV with Freesat

Since 2008, channels from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plus 140 others (see have been available in Ireland via satellite.

All that is required is a once-off payment when you buy the decoder (from EUR90), and a satellite dish (from EUR80).Freesat logo

Irish company Sat4free provide a competitive range of Freesat installation options for the domestic market ( offer a very nice 10% discount on internet orders.

Picture quality is good, although the programme guide could be better. Unfortunately, RTE TV have no plans to broadcast via Freesat.

Put an end to TV bills (typically from EUR260 p.a.) and to frustrating Help desk calls to your service provider.

3. Deflate telephone bills with Skype Out and a headset

Skype is well-known for its ability to make free voice and video calls between computers, but it also allows you to call landlines and mobiles cheaply with Skype Out.
Just purchase credit from the Skype website to begin saving bucket-loads on national and international calls.

Using a headset (from EUR12), the quality is acceptable, especially when you consider how the pennies stack up. At a flat rate of 1.7c per minute, you can chat anytime for an hour to someone on the phone in Stockholm or Skibereen for EUR1. Texts only 9c.

Depending on your usage, Skype Out on its own could repay your broadband investment. See See

4. Save gym fees with a Wii and My Fitness Coach

The latest best-selling fitness franchise for the Wii, My Fitness Coach (IGN review) is not really a game and doesn’t even require the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Maya, your personal trainer, computes your vital information and creates a tailored exercise program to suit you. She then motivates your home fitness routines (without shouting, thankfully) and monitors your progress. My Fitness Coach, EUR26.99 from, (plus Wii, from EUR239.99 at Smyths/ replacing gym fees, from EUR625 p.a.

5. Save batteries with Reelight magnetic dynamo lights

The Reelight works (demo) when magnets, fixed to the wheels, spin past a copper coil embedded in the lights as you cycle, powering the front and rear LED lamps by magnetic induction.

The “revolutionary” no-friction dynamo, Reelight is the closest thing to magic on a bike since Elliot took to the skies with ET.

Available direct from and from Cycleways in Parnell St, Dublin
1. From EUR39.99.

6. Smart power with Standby Saver

Standby-Saver was the first product ever to win the backing of all four Dragons on BBC’s Dragon’s
Den when it appeared in 2007. This clever plug board redeems a small fortune on wasted electricity by automatically powering-down your home entertainment appliances to zero, so you don’t have to. Versatile and good value at STG19.99 (plus P&P), it can recoup the investment in six months.
Best buy: Two at

7. Free computer stuff

There’s often a free download that’s just as good as branded software. provide top-notch free office applications which even allow you to send finished work around in PDF and Microsoft formats.

Clamwin is a trusted anti-virus tool which, together with WinPatrol (pic left), can help your PC fight off computer-nasties instead of commercial utilities. Available free from

8. Rechargeable Batteries

If you use a lot of remote-controls in your home then it makes sense to invest in rechargeable batteries. Chargers start from EUR15, various batteries EUR5 for four from Lidl. Kids and gamers take note.

9. The Hammer Gadget

Learn how to Do-It-Yourself with video tutorials from and Clearly explaining repairs and patches of every description, the short videos will help you fix most daily problems in jig time and make good use of that hammer-gadget.

10. Internet Super Savers

Like any retailer, Amazon offers end-of-line sales. Use the Deallockersearch tool to rummage through the gigantic bargain bins on the world’s largest retail website:

Find the best airfares with the excellent (Not including Ryanair)  it quickly searches all the airlines for the best fares, even teasing out the hidden charges.

(Copyright 2009 by Kevin Casey)