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Ideally, by convention, digital copywriting is findable, scannable and succinct. While it might be tempting to let the process be led by keyword research, this is a mistake. For better results, write for people first, search engines second. In many ways we must craft it like anything we write – trust your gut but check it. 
First things first
In the creative, support the brand and let the brand support you. For example, in a promotion, lead with the benefit and follow up with the mechanic and other.  Describe the benefits in more interesting detail and appeal to the senses if appropriate with texture, colour and experience-related comparisons, leaving a sweet taste behind ;0). On a wider level, there is a often talking point about a pattern of  constant improvement and growth in the community.
Primary keyword research
For my money, the primary keyword research tool is the site owner. My first question to site owners who are investing in digital copy writing is, “If you were sitting down in front of Google, what words would you type in to search for your business?”
This exercise is usually very informative so I take note of it – could be a couple of words or a short phrase but it has a solid core, usually. I’ll plug this research into a keyword tool later to check it, view long tail suggestions and tap in to other data enhancements. For example, many in-house conversations may normalise certain jargon to describe a product, but does that language carry over into the real world? We can check for that and research suitable alternatives and related phrases. We can target keyword phrases to rank for and target specific markets to some degree.
Science meets art
Web copywriting is a cross between data science and art. Inspiration and creativity adds value to objective study. Working back and forth between data and ideas, web SEO copywriting tries to form connections between clients and customers, promoting the client’s message with the optimal channel spread. Copywriting works both as metadata (SEO content) and brand storytelling. It speaks to search crawlers on one level and potential customers on the other. Make the content rewarding and you will develop engagement between the reader and the message.
Deliver the write stuff
Copywriting is an investment for any business. Keep the following experience in mind when creating marketing copywriting for any web site:

  • Always deliver on your headline promises – no clickbait.
  • Be accurate – fact check and feed back.
  • Make every word count when copywriting.
  • Use plain English
  • Use the active voice
  • Offer a call to action.

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Read the elements of a promotional blog post below. 

web copywriting example

Promo copywriting example

In this example page promoting fitness classes, I created the copywriting, graphics and video for use in a WordPress template, an e-commerce site and social media channels. The content strategy reflects the high-performance athletics brand. 

  • Written in the active voice
  • Sells the benefits of training
  • Talks about the bigger challenge
  • On brand
  • YouTube assest embeddable and stands alone in a channel series
  • Full set of free coaching samples in the video channel
  • Call to action
  • Evergreen
  • Social