About me

Kevin Casey journalist freelance Brussels

With experience as a journalist, content manager, digital copywriter and SEO. I recently relocated to Brussels (EN) after a career in digital journalism spanning nearly two decades based in Dublin, Ireland.
My career in digital takes in mobile and web journalism as well as digital marketing tactics like SEO and social media.
I have worked for digital giants like Vodafone and Microsoft, eBay and the Irishtimes.com on portals, e-commerce, knowledge base content, technical writing and news.
My writing includes features, interviews, news and advertising content. I write for internal clients as well as for marketing campaigns. My editorial skills include proofreading, rewrites, headlines and fact checking. 

Editorial management

I have experience of managing an editorial publication from start to finish in both digital and print, delivering on time and on budget. I find it pays when we make it our main  concern to engage the audience appropriately.
That’s why I became interested in SEO – as a way to share the message of the content we work hard to produce. SEO is a way to increase the value and relevance of the content. 

SEO tactics

In a fast moving landscape, there are many tactics to pursue in SEO but the basic strategy should stay the same – write for people.

Words written for people and not machines are the backbone of search engine optimisation. In a world where thousands of pages are published every minute, relevance is what sets in you apart in search.

Have a look at my journalism page to read some articles I’ve written. I also have an SEO Copywriter page and a Content Management page to showcase the blend of digital and creative sills I have assembled during my career. If you want to Contact Kevin Casey about journalism, copywriting, content management or SEO in Brussels (EN) then visit the Contact Me page