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Some recent highlights of articles I’ve written:

Algorithm and blues - when AI makes real music

A French scientist and music producer have released an album of pop songs that are co-written by artificial intelligence and a human composer. With backing from Spotify, we met them in Paris and experienced their hit making machine in person.

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Gold star triumph for gravity wave astronomy

The VIRGO and LIGO gravity detectors both picked up a signal at the same time, coming from two neutron stars colliding in a nearby galaxy. It triggered 100 of the best telescopes in the world to watch it. What they saw was quite litereally, dazzling.

Hertog and Hawking together

Inside the Big Bang with Hawking and Hertog

Thomas Hertog, co-author of Hawking's final physics paper, tells us us about working with the late physicist to develop a better theory of the multiverse. Their new insights could tell us much about what came after and what came before the Big Bang.

SKA Telescope tile

SKA news is big - progress update on continental scope

The Square Kilometre Array, which will operate across two continents by 2030, will be humanity's largest radio telescope. The director Dr Phil Diamond tells us about technical progress and new stakeholders joining the consortium.