Content management

Content manager and web producer

I first became interested in content management as a way to tell the story we worked so hard to create. A good content management strategy is necessary to close the gap between the audience and the creators. Content can be anything from a text message to a video or games platform and everything in between.

The content user-experience consists of everything from timing and searchability to interactivity and design as well as messaging relevance. To maintain consistency, we can anchor our content management strategy with the question: “Is this content we produce high value and high quality from the end-user’s point of view?”

Technical content management

In general, no two content management systems are the same and many channels, platforms and customisations are in use at the same time. Content maintenance can become technical so code, multimedia skills, platforms, networking, performance and technical conversations are part of the daily duties. 

I’m always interested in the back-end of CMS and have a lot of experience with translating business requirements between business owners and technical teams. I am happy to train co-workers to extract the most value possible from the content with the latest techniques and I have established functioning CMS workflows for large and small teams.

Some of the factors involved on any given day of content management include word processing, image and multimedia production, content sub-editing, content meta data, basic SEO, advertising and targeting.

Content strategy

A content strategy encompasses a number of strands:

  • Content concept and creation
  • Digital content production
  • Testing
  • Distribution & SEO
  • KPI reporting and feedback
  • Contingency planning – be prepared for emergencies!
  • Protip: Success factors often come from the place you least expect so always monitor outcomes but don’t chase KPIs with low-quality tactics – not a good look!

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