Freelance journalist, Brussels (EN)

I have worked as a journalist for 20 years in Dublin. During that time I have accumulated experience in different forms of the editorial process from print to digital at all scales and audiences. My writing style has been kindly described as clear and easy to read.

My published work appears in magazines, newspapers, trade publications, books, websites, e-commerce stores,  blogs and social media. A natural team leader, I have been asked to provide editorial oversight of digital and print editorial teams to create, deliver and distribute high quality content. 

Whether writing hard news or entertaining colour pieces, I am motivated to create good writing, whatever the assignment. I also consider the audience when I write as without them, we journalists have nothing. 

The story comes first and foremost but digital distribution amplifies the message and reaches a wider audience.

As an editor, I have experience with planning an entire publication in digital or print, sub-editing and stakeholder engagement with designers, sales people, publishers, top executives and others.

I am an independent worker or freelance journalist seeking suitable opportunities in Brussels (EN) to build on my editorial experience writing news, features, interviews, headlines and blogs. 

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Prof Lars Muckly, thumbnail

Interview: The human brain seeks to minimise surprise

Published Horizon magazine, May 2018, Professor Lars Muckli’s neuro psychology models the inner workings of the human mind. You have used …
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We do not fight when we deal with science – Dr Gihan Kamel

Published Horizon magazine, November 2017, Reproduced by kind permission. Title: We do not fight when we deal with science – Dr Gihan …
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Artificial intelligence music

Let’s hear some algorithm and blues – when AI makes music

About: First published in Horizon magazine, I interviewed the creators of an album of AI tunes that was hosted and …
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SKA Telescope tile

SKA is on its way, and it’s big!

With scale and ambition similar to other big science projects such as CERN and VIRGO, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) …
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Peacebuilding after war – how to begin?

This post Peacebuilding in conflict zones demands people-centric approach was originally published on Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine.Original …
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Astronomers’ dazzling view of the origins of gold

About: I proposed, researched and wrote this article about a key gravitational astronomy event for Horizon magazine, in time to …
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New Hawking Big Bang theory

Inside the Big Bang with Hawking’s co-author, Thomas Hertog

In his final paper, A smooth exit from eternal inflation? the late physicist Stephen Hawking and his co-author Thomas Hertog analysed …
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Clouds of Carbon

A Dismal Truth – climate change policy is failing

About: Popular Irish TV environmentalist Duncan Stewart is passionate in his beliefs about climate change and the urgent need for …
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