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Why should you invest in SEO Copywriting?

Make sure you can be found on Google search with expert SEO writing. Present your content in a way that is easy to be found by people searching for what you offer. Attract traffic to your site and stand out from the crowd with good digital copywrtiting on your website and content. 

I became involved in SEO copywriting as an extension of my journalism. By making my stories available to search engines in the best possible way, I was reaching more people with the story I was telling. With just a little more work with basic SEO, the investment in the content we created went further and reached more people.

Search engine optimisation is how you tell the world about your business. A good basic SEO plan is essential for any business website.

SEO keyword copywriting

With some keyword research and keyword copywriting, you can increase the visibility of your website in Google search. Discovering and using popular keywords or search phrases for your domain means you’ll become more relevant and feature higher up on search result pages. 

Digital copywriting is a cost-effective way to promote your business in a multi-channel online world dominated by search. Get the most out of your investment in web content with a digital content strategy for search engine optimisation (SEO). This service includes keyword copywriting, technical SEO audit, SEO copywriting for pages and posts. pages and more.

SEO Friendly Content

Strategic SEO copywriting is the cornerstone of visibility on the internet. A tailored, well planned SEO strategy will give your site a competitive advantage and a good standing in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We work with institutions, enterprises, business, NGOs, publications and e-commerce merchants to offer SEO optmised content for an increase in web traffic and digital engagement. 

SEO strategy and planning

SEO strategy includes SEO copywriting, sitemaps, layout, local SEO, link building, content marketing and more. A good technical foundation should get you a respectable score from a search engine so your reputation will be enhanced.

Get in touch if you need SEO copywriting or digital marketing for your website. 

Six necessary attributes of an SEO Content Copywriter

  • A good SEO copywriter will value your business.
  • Your digital copywriter writes for people first, search engines second.
  • They know how to leverage other SEO factors such as layout and sitemaps.
  • Their keyword copywriting fits with your brand and feels authentic.
  • White Hat SEO only, no high risk tactics that could incur a penalty.
  • The SEO-friendly copywriting strategy moves forward with the business.

Summary of skills

My journalism skills include:

  • Generating story ideas
  • Managing publications
  • Writing feature and news articles
  • Sub-editing and proofreading
  • Writing eye-catching headlines 
  • Editing other journalists’ work
  • Digital distribution with SEO and social media

My writing style< has been described as clear and well structured, easy to read and enjoyable. I try to find the most value for the reader because I appreciate their time commitment.

I revise, proofread and improve the written work until the best quality version goes in to production on time.

My editorial cilents could be described as:

Digital enterprises, magazines, newspapers, large e-commerce stores, SMEs, agencies and other publications. During my time in Brussels, I have gained valuable experience of working with the EU institutions.

  • A deadline is a deadline.  
  • Factual narrative first, passion, plaudits etc to the end. 
  • People remember voices better than facts.
  • I like to specialise in science and technology topics, consumer affairs and travel.
  • Don’t complicate it
  • My own trade blog is here

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As an extension of my digital writing, I have extensive experience of copywriting web content that works well in SEO for Google and Bing and other search engines. Grow your audience awareness organically with keyword targeting, metadata, campaigns. Find out about my SEO services here 

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