Irma is the real stormfront and it breaks the scale

The evil twins of Irma and Jose as viewed from a realtime data visualisation by  I recorded the video using Screencastify but other apps will do the same trick. Screencastify then allowed me to upload to Google Drive and also Youtube with a couple of clicks.

The video was shot at midnight as the hurricane had just passed Cuba and parked up off Miami, gathering strength to move ahead in the morning. There may be a wobble here and there but it’s predicted to barrel straight through the peninsula.

Click to go to live weather visualisation
My interpretation of the image is that the intensity of the storm is at the top end of the colour scale in the rarely used white sector. It’s making landfall today and so far the predictions of meteorology have held true. All this publicity is bringing extreme events to front of mind in people’s considerations.
How they respond politically is the next question. It’s a big, long lasting storm that fulfills its dreadful promise and it’s coming on the back of the hottest decade on record. I did not state causation, I’m just saying, it’s a question for climate change sceptics – do you think high oceanic and atmospheric temperatures have an effect on storm intensity? If not, why not? Do you agree with this model of how hurricanes form or can you enlighten us to some other model of weather causation.