Google Assistant’s got some movie one-liner comebacks

I stumbled upon an Easter egg treasure trove on Google Assistant. I say ‘Ok Google’ + one liner. Gaia has a comeback. Zingers, too.

It’s self reflexive, ironic, amusing, subtle and specific. Like it’s an adventure game.

Google’s Movie One Liners Game

I lol d at the wink and a nod off my Airplane quote. Tomorrow I guess I’ll try Monty Python, then Star Wars and so on. It could be fun probing that content database. The voice interface is very impressive. Try it for yourself. Activate the voice search – I squeeze my phone or press the mic icon. Say ‘OK Google + one liner.’

OK Google. “Say hello to my little friend'”.


Google Assistant’s got some movie one liner comebacks in a treasure trove of Easter Eggs . Say OK Google + Movie One Liner – boom, Google Assistant hits it on the head with a sassy remark, every time. Try it yourself.